Have you heard about these #VR experiences? See how #Hamilton, #GSW, and #Dior used this technology - Event Marketer


Have you heard about these #VR experiences? See how #Hamilton, #GSW, and #Dior used this technology

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Augmented reality has blown up this month with the release of Pokemon Go. You can’t leave your house without seeing someone walking down the street playing. But you can’t have all your augmented reality (AR) fun without the element of virtual reality (VR). To most people, these terms are interchangeable but there actually is a difference:

  • VR is a computer simulation or recreation of reality. The user typically wears a headset that involves goggles and headphones, to experience the simulation through sight and sound.
  • AR is a computer generated enhancement to reality. It blends virtual reality and real life. Think of it as a tech add-on to real life that you can interact with. Instead of using just a headset for the experience, you use both the technology and your actual environment.

To help you further see the how virtual reality works without the element of the real world interaction, we’ve compiled some of our favorite VR experiences for you to explore below

Hamilton 360

Hamilton is the Pokemon Go of Broadway. It’s massive popularity is hard to deny. Seats are insanely hard to come by, and if you are so fortunate, you’ll have to pay a high price. To help fans get a piece of the Hamilton magic, the cast performs “Wait For It” in a 360 video, where fans can pan and rotate, seeing each performer at any moment in the video.


Golden State Warriors and Kevin Durant

In July 2016, Kevin Durant announced he would be signing with the Golden State Warriors after spending nearly his entire NBA career with the Oklahoma City Thunder. But how did Golden State convince Kevin Durant to make the move? A VR kit was sent for him to see the Golden Gate Bridge and a courtside view of Oracle arena. He was also able to “sit” in the locker room while coach Steve Kerr talked to the players.


Image Source: https://techcrunch.com/2016/07/08/the-golden-state-warriors-used-virtual-reality-to-woo-kevin-durant/

Dior Eyes

In 2015 throughout select Dior stores, the brand gave shoppers the chance to see what it’s like to be backstage at a Dior fashion show. With the Dior Eyes VR headset, fashion lovers lived the dream of seeing everyone in action before runway show – hair and makeup artists, models, assistants, photographers, you name it!


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