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GMR / P&G Medal in Pro Awards for Olympic Mobile App

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P&G’s Sochi Source mobile platform has been awarded Bronze in Chief Marketer’s 2015 Pro Awards for Best Mobile Campaign.

As part of their Olympic Games sponsorship, P&G partners with dozens of Olympic athletes and their families, hosting them at the P&G Family Home for meals, makeovers, and downtime, and coordinating a variety of sponsorship-related activities, such as formal press events and appearances.

It’s a lot to coordinate. So P&G approached GMR (their Olympic marketing AOR) for a behind-the-scenes technical solution that would make games-time execution a breeze.

We created Sochi Source, a mobile, real-time Olympic games event management tool that let hospitality teams streamline onsite communication and manage athletes’ and families’ details and scheduled appearances.

They say the devil is in the details—which is where it’s more important than ever for sponsors to shine. Maintaining best-in-class hospitality management, with forward-thinking platforms like Sochi Source, helps P&G maximize their Olympic partnerships—supporting P&G athletes and making sure they have nothing but a great experience at the P&G Family Home.

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