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Global Pharmaceutical Company – Virtual Meeting

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Our mission is to create exceptional experiences every day for our clients, their brands, our people, and ourselves. 

The objectives of our clients guide us in all the work that we do as we strive to improve and evolve the way people and organizations communicate. 


A Global Pharmaceutical Company needed to ensure announcements made at their National Sales Meeting, which Broadstreet also produced, were cascaded to all US associates to control the message timing and have a maximum impact on employee energy. 

Broadstreet supplied the expertise, equipment, and platform to webcast a virtual experience of the Sales Meeting that was designed especially for the thousands of “remote” attendees.  The customized experience included login tracking and security, custom presentation views designed for the virtual audience, and a dedicated multi-camera video program feed that was directed with the virtual experience in mind. 

All attendees, virtual and in-person, were able to celebrate the company’s accomplishments simultaneously and hear major announcements at the same time as their sales colleagues.  The client received overwhelmingly positive feedback on the virtual experience and plans to continue using the practice at future meetings.


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