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Global Pharmaceutical Company – Training Programme

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Our mission is to create exceptional experiences every day for our clients, their brands, our people, and ourselves. 

The objectives of our clients guide us in all the work that we do as we strive to improve and evolve the way people and organizations communicate. 


The Training organization of this Global Pharmaceutical Company wanted to deliver a standardized set of learning material for Learning & Performance Improvement leaders around the world. They also wanted to make sure these materials were fun, easy-to-use, and environmentally friendly. 

Broadstreet branded a handmade and sustainable “e-learning project box” that contained materials that were structured into color-coded steps to correlate with the project flow and implementation process.

Additionally, Broadstreet assessed and reworked each document for  process, structure, content, and level of instruction to be more userfriendly.

The format and delivery system inspired a new way of managing rollouts across various brands and departments. One client stated: “Broadstreet's creative treatment and commitment to excellence resulted in more than just a ‘project box’, but a vehicle that communicated a common vision and inspired a global movement.”


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