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Global Pharmaceutical Company, National Sales Meeting

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Our mission is to create exceptional experiences every day for our clients, their brands, our people and ourselves. The objectives of our clients guide us in all the work we do as we strive to improve and evolve the way people and organizations communicate. 

A global pharmaceutical company reached out to Broadstreet to develop and produce its National Sales Meeting. The meeting capped another year of an ever-growing partnership between Broadstreet and the organization. That long-term partnership proved vital in the pre-show production process.

Two weeks before the meeting a handful of the pharmaceutical company’s top executives left. There was no panic from the company. Broadstreet had developed an intimate understanding of the culture of the organization and retained much of the institutional knowledge that had just left. This allowed the production of the meeting to remain virtually unchanged. Broadstreet even helped onboard several key team members that had just been assigned new roles.

The meeting was set up with large content screens hanging from the ceiling – one in each side of the room. The audience was seated stadium style with a long strip of a stage in the middle. This gave every audience member a truly distinct view, and gave the presenter the option to speak to 360 degrees of the room.

The floor of the stage was an LED screen presenters could walk on that animated during key points of their transportation. This, added with the four content screens and stadium seating, turned the ballroom into an immersive experience for the audience.

One of the organization’s top sales executives said the meeting answered every key question about the direction of the company and re-energized the sales force.



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