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Exclusive Access to Experiential Marketing Trends of 2015

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Experiential Marketing Trends Report for 2015

Did you know that Experiential Marketing is gaining popularity as the fastest growing form of marketing? In 2015, we foresee that the rapid innovation and emerging technologies that gained attention in 2014 will be woven into more relevant, integrated and immersive experiences. So far the theme of 2015 has been refinement of strategy as we’ve become more adept at integrating powerful new technologies into our programs.

Every year we put together an Experiential Marketing Trends Guide of upcoming trends based on conversations with partner agencies, direct requests from brands, industry research and attendance at the most buzz-worthy events the experiential marketing industry has to offer.  We offer this 2015 guide to you.  It will uncover the strategies to improve ROI from increasing brand affinity, driving sales and converting new customers. 

Nearly $572 Billion is spent on events per year. Your clients expect meaningful data and results to prove they aren’t just throwing an expensive cocktail party. Understand how to leverage this information to deliver meaningful results to your clients.

By reading this guide, you'll learn how to:

  • Generate the most engagement for 
    your next experiential campaign
  • Tactfully integrate the brand 
    identity into every event detail
  • Shorten the path to purchase 
    by 50% using progressive profiling
  • Nurture and incentivize user generated 
    content with Social Media Catalysts
  • Full report available at bit.ly/1OIo1nM

Download your 2015 Experiential Marketing Trends Guide now

We hope you enjoy this Experiential Marketing Trends Guide for 2015 and we'd like to leave you with a quote that will inspire you to create the most impactful experiences 2015 and beyond:

"Stop looking through the lens of yesterday. Start looking at possibillities based on the experiences, the human experiences, you want people to have and share, not just in the moment, but throughout the year." Brian Solis



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