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Don’t Make These Three Event Audience Engagement Mistakes

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Ask any event planner: putting together an engaging conference, product launch or incentive trip is hard work. You can have all the right speakers, a meticulous agenda and an incredible event venue—but it all falls flat if you're using the right tactics to get and keep your audience’s attention.

Complicating matters further, event audiences aren’t the same as they once were. Millennials are entering the workforce at a stunning pace—according to a study from The Council of Economic Advisers, Millennials now represent the largest generation in the United States, comprising roughly one-third of the total population in 2013.

With disparate audiences that use different methods of communication, how can event planners keep everyone engaged and in the know? Keeping your audience captivated takes the right strategy, especially when it comes to communications.

Here are three of the most common audience engagement mistakes to avoid.

1.) Focusing on Just One Communication Channel

If you don’t spread out your communications across multiple channels, you’re missing a huge opportunity to fully engage with all generations attending your event.

It’s no secret that millennials are digital natives. They grew up surrounded by electronic communication, so email, apps and other tech-focused platforms are an obvious fit. But while digital communication is what they’re used to, a one-track approach can leave your messaging lost in that clutter.

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