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#DMEXCO 2016 Takeaways

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We spent all last week wishing we were in Cologne, Germany. It wasn’t for the beautiful sights or delicious food, but for DMEXCO! The Digital Marketing Exposition and Conference took place from September 14th to 15th, outlining all the latest digital trends in business. Keep reading to see our favorite takeaways from the trade show below that cover video, tech, experiential, and data.

The (Continued) Rise of Video Content and Tech In Marketing

The conference founder Christian Muche spoke with Adweek and highlighted two changes to this year’s event. Video and tech-focused events were added to the lineup, as both are growing influences in the marketing world. Muche’s mention of tech was prefaced with the point that DMEXCO is still a business trade show and it is not becoming a tech trade show. Although tech has been placed at the forefront this year, it is because Muche believes it is important to discuss the effects of tech on the marketing and communication industry, especially with the rising trends of VR and AR.

Advancements to Facebook Video – Newsfeed, Live, and 360

In line with Christian Muche’s conference highlights, Facebook CPO Chris Cox talked about advancements in Facebook’s different types of video. He shared that Facebook is developing auto expand and audio fading features for newsfeed videos. He also discussed the creative uses of Facebook Live, and how many news sources use live videos from people who are at events or happenings to get an insider perspective. Perhaps the most interesting highlight of Cox’s video talk was about 360 video. Facebook actually created their own camera, Facebook Surround 360, to accelerate the growth and usage of 360 video. They even open sourced the hardware and software to encourage others to get involved in growing the immersive 360 experience. To hear the full talk, watch the video below. 

What Do We Do With Data?

Data has been a huge topic in the marketing industry for years. Everyone wants to talk about data, but does anyone really know how to use it? IBM’s Bob Lord made great points about how to navigate the massive amounts of data we have available to us. His first point was that it’s important to know what data is and is not important, but how do we determine that? By developing a data strategy. What is the business trying to measure or predict? What is the business trying to get out of data? These questions will help determine which data is and is not worth your time. See what Lord had to say and other highlights in the video below.

The Importance of Experiences

Adobe VP Suresh Vittal spoke about why experiences are becoming so important in the marketing industry. He explained that experiences let businesses differentiate themselves and noted that increased consumer expectations means that businesses don’t just sell products or services, they also sell experiences. Vittal also predicted that VR and AR will become more mainstream and less of a novelty in the coming years.

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