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Difference in Marketing Trucks and Trailers

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When deciding on what type of platform is best for your needs, allow the APEX team to help understand the differences in marketing trucks and trailers. Both trailers and trucks have advantages and disadvantages specific to each buyer. A large aspect of the truck is having an all-in-one mobile marketing truck that is easily movable and contained within the vehicle. The advantages of a trailer can be seen in that same statement, as being able to use a variety of vehicles to tow a trailer and bring it to many other venues.

Understanding the Differences in Marketing Trucks and Trailers

Ask yourself the following questions for a clear direction on the path that best suits your business needs.Differences in Food Trucks and Food Trailers

• What will be placed inside the unit? iPad stations, data collection stations, mounted plasmas, interactive kiosks

• What type of events will you frequent? concerts, multi-day events, corporate events, college campus tours, etc.

• What is your ultimate goal of the project?

• How much traveling will you be doing? Local, regional, statewide, nationwide

• How much setup time do you anticipate needing?

• What are the top key factors affecting your decision to purchase?


  • All-in-One Mobile Solution
  • Trendy, Aesthetically Inviting
  • Various Lengths and Configurations
  • Aluminum Shell (no rust)
  • Rectangular Shaped and Configurability
  • 5-year Craftsmanship Warranty


  • 5-year Warranty, which is the longest and strongest in the industry
  • Hand-built from the ground up 
  • Built in our manufacturing facility in Kansas City, MO area
  • Engineered and Designed in-house

The above are only a few of the advantages and disadvantages of the differences in marketing trucks and trailers. However, we hope you will continue to explore the differences and give us a call to further discuss your needs specific to your business plan and objectives. Are you ready to take your vision to the next step? If so, check out our custom pricing tool here. It’s easy to get started and allow APEX to help you begin the process. 


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