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Crafting the Customer Experience

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A "one-size fits all" approach to customer experience is no longer viable. We are constantly being challneged to come up with creative ways to engage the consumers. For a recent event with one of our clients. They wanted to further promote their Teas for Spring. The concept of the 'Spring Tea Tasting' was born. A two week long promotion at the retail store showcasing spring harvest teas! Spring harvest teas are the epitome of amazing tea because it's the first pick of the season which not a lot of consumers know about. This educational piece was part of the strategy to draw more consumers to the store. During the campaign, the store had Chinese tea ceremony demonstrations, live guzheng performances, and a brand ambassador sharing with the audience about spring harvest teas and the art of making a true good cup of tea. Most of us when making tea we put a tea bag and add hot water. However, we wanted to shared with the audience the art of making tea. From the proper temperature of the hot water to the rinsing of the tea, the proper equipments to make the tea, and eventually to the actual tea tasting itself. It was a a true sensory experience! 


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