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Consumer Technology Trends Driving 2017 Events

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LIVE was the big buzzword of 2016. With Snapchat Spectacles, Facebook Live, Instagram Moments, Periscope and innovations in VR, technology is helping us enhance and share moments in real-time , which is perfect for events.

Here are a few of the biggest consumer and social tech trends that are influencing events this year.

Facebook Live 360

“Live 360” was created when Facebook married two of their most popular features – Facebook 360 and Facebook Live. An ambitious attempt to bring even more immersive experiences to the virtual world, Live 360 will bring real-time 360 videos to the internet. This is yet another game changer for the social network that invented social networks. National Geographic was the first to use the new technology, with the API becoming available to all users in 2017.

Snapchat Spectacles

Wearable tech is not a new concept, yet the fashion design industry has been slow to embrace it.

Snapchat because they’ve been able to disrupt the market in a way only Apple has. Snapchat Spectacles made its first red carpet debut alongside Loreal Paris at the Golden Globes 2017. Also for the first time, a remote audience was able to experience the event, live through someone else’s eyes on Snapchat’s social platform.

The applications are endless for events, whether it’s social influencers attending live events donning Spectacles or artists giving unique behind the scenes perspectives during live events, friends and fans will be able to experience these moments through the eyes of others.

Virtual Reality

With the increased emergence of 360 and 3D photography, consumers are acclimatized to immersive portraiture. VR takes it a step further with fully immersive, virtual environments. While VR is suffering from the same adoption struggles as all wearable tech from a consumer perspective, the nice thing about VR is the ability to deliver big experiences within a smaller footprint. Merrell has one of the best VR executions I’ve seen, and it can only get better from here.

What it means for 2017

2017 will be the most documented year of all time, with more people consuming and producing live media on more platforms than ever before. Implementing any event tech strategy requires intense evaluation so you can choose solutions that elevate your experience for both the live and remote audiences.


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