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Community Dental Outreach Vehicle

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Craftsmen Industries partnered with Comtrea on the graphics package for their Tooth Fairy and Tooth Titan vans. Craftsmen’s team not only created the dramatic graphics package for these plaque fighting vessels, but also contracted with a local cartoonist to create the characters and storyboard. 

Craftsmen applied custom graphics to the outreach van, the Tooth Fairy, which is used to travel to St. Louis area schools for screenings on the fluoride program, taken place inside of the school. 

Craftsmen’s team printed and applied exterior graphics on the Tooth Titan van, which serves as the mobile clinic traveling to St. Louis area schools, performing preventive care exams within the unit. This includes exams, x-rays, cleanings and fluoride. The unit also has the ability to do simple restoratives and extractions. 

Sometimes a visit to the dentist can be a bit intimidating, so this unit was designed to create a cool environment that would not only make them more comfortable, but also increase participation. What kid wouldn’t want to join the band of Tooth Titans! The graphics package was designed, printed and installed by the Craftsmen graphics team. Avery cast 1005EZ with 1060 cast gloss laminate was selected as the wrap material, and printed on our Seiko Eco Solvent printers.

From vehicle toppers and props to 3D displays and signage, Craftsmen can design, engineer, fabricate, paint and deliver products to your exact standards.

Craftsmen is always mindful of substrate choices, durability, size, transportation, installation and weight. Our capabilities also include 3D scanning and a full-time sculptor.


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