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Comcast Internet Essentials Poster Media Program

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This year Moderne created awareness and drove real consumer action for Comcast Internet Essentials, a $9.99 unlimited internet access offering. This is the fifth consecutive year Moderne has activated this poster media program.

To reach those in need of affordable internet access, we utilized our proprietary media venue network combined with poster media tactics. In a two month period, Moderne placed over 1,200 posters in low income communities in nine markets, including Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, DC, Fresno, Houston, Memphis, Miami and Philadelphia.


These exterior posters were placed in Barber Shops, Convenience Stores, Check Cashing Stores, Churches, Laundromats, Nail Salons, Beauty Salons, and Supermarkets. In addition to posters, Moderne also placed brochures at Churches so that members of the community would be able to take home more information about Comcast Internet Essentials to read in their own time. Both exterior posters and brochures were available in both Spanish and English.

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From 1,200 posters and brochures in nine markets, the Comcast Internet Essentials media generated over 52 million impressions over two months.

Moderne has returned to the Comcast Internet Essentials program for the fifth year in a row because we love that we can endorse a positive message that helps families in need. Internet access is, as Comcast puts it, essential in this age. And it's not just adults who need it; children also need internet to access online resources to complete school work. We are proud that we can  that we can help both parents and children by sharing information that can help them get affordable internet access.

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