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BIW Work Receives Emmy Nomination

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BIW partnered with a pharmaceutical client to produce an emotional video designed to help sales representatives connect with the life-changing benefits of a new drug.

BIW was charged with illustrating the power of time and its impact on the lives of those who use the drug. Two crews and two producers set out to tell the personal stories of two actual patients. Crews captured a day in the life of the patients; the subjects were filmed at home and work surrounded by their friends, family and colleagues. The producers wove together mundane and poignant moments that humanized the power of the drug and its importance to patients and their families.

BIW is honored to be a loyal partner for this pharmaceutical company for over a decade. The recognition of our work is an example of our ability to listen carefully, understand our clients’ needs and thoughtfully design engaging solutions that tap into human emotion.


BI WORLDWIDE is a global engagement agency that uses the principles of behavioral economics to produce measurable results for its clients by driving and sustaining engagement with their employees, channel partners and customers. Supporting 120 countries through seven global headquarters and operating in 22 languages, BIW continues to bring best in class solutions to its global and regional customers.

BIW provides awards winning full-service meetings and shows solutions from full creative, original video content, script and speech writing to technical production and everything in between. Our team of 50+ professionals and global resources result in award-winning work. Other designations include Telly Awards, New York Festivals and International Film & Video Awards.


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