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Beauty is More Than Skin Deep

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Looking to target Asian American women in the beauty category? Tips you should know…  

Many Asian-American women believe that if they are healthy on the inside, they will be beautiful on the outside. Nevertheless, looking their best is a priority for which they will consciously spend top dollar. In fact, Asian-Americans spend 70% more than their average share on skincare preparation products, 25% more on fragrances, 15% more on hair care, 12% more on personal soap and bath, and 7% more on cosmetics. Cosmetic consultation and free samples to test new skin-care and cosmetic products are strategies that may work particularly well with Asian-American women. 

Personal care is important for maintaining health on the inside, as Asian-Americans spend 22% more on oral hygiene, 28% more on sanitary protection, and 6% more on vitamins. The relative youth of the Asian-American population is reflected in a 39% higher index for family planning and a 31% higher index for baby needs. (Source: Nielsen). 

Base on the data, experiential marketing dollar spent for the beauty category, brands will likely see more ROI with group. We believe this is true from our experience as well. Especially with a new brand, people are hestitate to try something new. However, at an event/promotion they are more likely to give the brand a try at a low commitment level and if they see good results after the trial, they may be converted to become a fan! 


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