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Baywatch Marketing: Digital Media, PR Stunts and more!

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The newest Baywatch movie may not have gotten the best reviews, but it’s hard to bash their marketing activations for the movie. From digital media to large scale out of home to PR stunts, we loved every marketing campaign we saw for this movie. Read more below!

Digital Billboards

There was a big countdown to the release of Baywatch, so marketing started early. Way back in January, digital billboards started displaying ads for Baywatch in cities with some pretty cold and miserable weather. These billboards changed taglines depending on the weather. Too snowy? “Damn it’s cold. Summer is coming.” Too rainy? “Rain got you down? Summer is coming.” Check out more of these billboards here.

Source: AdWeek

Slow Mo Marathon

In Los Angeles, a city with more Baywatch-appropriate weather, a slow motion marathon honoring the original television series’ iconic slow motion running took place. Check out the video below to see the clever and hilarious PR stunt.



Giant Beachball on the Thames

Go big or go home! To promote the movie in London, a Guinness World Record setting beach ball appeared on the Thames River in London, just across from the London Eye. The bright beach ball definitely caught people’s attention in the midst of some classic grey London weather.


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