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Barkley Kalpak x AOL : The Immersion Tunnel

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The Immersion Tunnel:

The high-tech, interactive space was designed to elevate heart rates, immerse attendees in the messaging at the onset of the event, and create an experience they couldn’t help but share via their social channels.

Attendees entered a 10’ x 30’ room within a room. The doors closed behind them and the lights went out causing the room to become completely dark. Three walls of 9mm LED panels were constructed to form the enclosed space with a capacity of 75 people at a time. 60-seconds of video content including voiceovers, music, imagery, AOL content and the “Mobilization of the Future” messaging surrounded attendees appearing overhead and on the side-walls. The pace quickened into a crescendo with a 20-second finale. At the conclusion a curtain opened and guests were immediately in the event space.



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