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Authenticity isn’t a Strategy

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Authenticity is one of those words we hear a lot in relation to marketing, but very few businesses (or marketers, for that matter) really understand the concept. If you’re thinking of authenticity as a marketing strategy, you’re missing the point.

In SAP Innovation blog's latest post, our SVP of Creative, Mike Ellery, explains how authenticity shouldn't be forced as a strategy to increase sales but a way to tell your brand's story and make customers happy with their decision to work with you. He goes onto further explain the three keys to creating brand authenticity for customers.

Read Mike’s views on how listening, engaging and humanizing can lead to authenticity.

Author: Kristy Elisano  - Caffeine dependent Jersey girl. Northeast powder hound. Inspired by creative risk takers and underdogs. VP Marketing at Sparks. Doodle owner and cocreator of my beautiful daughter.

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