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ABA Gets Personal to Deliver the Best Event Experience

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How does a trade association that represents over 90% of the professional beauty supply industry in respect to hair and nails connect with participants across Canada?

They personalized the experience with Nomadic Uno.     

Not-for-Profit Allied Beauty Association (ABA) brings together professional beauty industry suppliers and beauty professionals for the largest, most attended beauty show in Canada. The robust SmartRelevancy platform’s easy implementation, personalization, features and ease of use gelled well with ABA’s need to keep their attendees better engaged and informed and increase sponsor visibility.

OneApp delivered tailored content to attendees related to who they are and what is important to them that was determined by updates and customized data gathered from sources such as social media and learning.

Messaging for the show was tailored to the participant introducing the event and the vendors based on preference and location. Relevant messages driven by personalized data and permissions controlled by the attendee profile were delivered to the right person, at the right place, and the right time. Having the event and vendor directories and messaging in app put everything at participants’ fingertips.

With a short lead time in the run up to the event app adoption was the top challenge. Attendees were engaged with an aggressive pre-event social media and email campaigns that were augmented with in app and event floor incentives. Open spaces and high ceilings may make for a great aesthetic, but can prove problematic for beacon placement. Beacons were calibrated for greater output and placed beneath the stage. Geofencing assured that attendees outside the venue stayed abreast of scheduling, speakers and demonstration. OneApp helped ABA raise sponsor visibility by giving them space on the app splash and home screens. Searchable vendor listings in a prominent location meant connections forged more seamlessly. Participants received a pre-event and in app agenda and proximity and preference driven messaging about opportunities raging from presentations to dinners and fringe events. Profile information acted like a gatekeeper meaning that the attendees only received the messaging that was relevant and meaningful to them. The dashboard powered by SmartRelevancy enabled event organizers to see event analytics and quantify the engagement and responsiveness of the attendees.

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