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8 big meeting trends you can’t ignore

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Back in December, our CEO Mark Baltazar featured in Special Events magazine, outlining eight important meeting trends , including interconnectivity, engagement, the small-bite theory, and facing the truth.

"Large meetings and conferences are often categorized as either B2B or B2C. Why make the distinction? If we really want to make a meaningful connection with attendees and create an exceptional experience, we should think of events as P2P. Person to Person. Human interactions.

It is no longer effective to communicate to audiences with only data and metrics. Today you must also communicate with heart and passion. Data tellsthe story, but passion sells the story.

The communication landscape is at several crossroads, and we see the following trends emerging that will ignite deeper connections amongst attendees and conference hosts.

Here are eight ways you can become part of the P2P movement when designing your next event:

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