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7 Things About Guerrilla Marketing Your Boss Wants To Know

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We all are aware that advertising is everywhere. It’s on the radio, on our first screen (mobile) and second screen (TV), print, Internet, film and around our neighborhoods via Out Of Home Media channels. With all the clutter, brands are becoming more and more comfortable with exploring other ways to reach consumers, especially the younger media-savvy users that are immune to advertising messages today.

Companies are exploring non-traditional methods to break through the noise, and are beginning to practice Guerrilla Marketing more and more.  Traditionally used by small businesses, many large companies have started relying on guerrilla tactics to stand out, drive buzz and generate consumer generated content. One of the biggest companies to employ guerrilla tactics is Burger King, with one very good example of their #WTFF campaign!


Moderne Communications has been executing Guerrilla Marketing programs for a very long time, and are familiar with the common questions and concerns that brands new to this form of marketing often have. We thought it would helpful to list our top 7 things about Guerrilla Marketing that we feel your boss would want to know, so here they are: 

  1. It’s a unique and proven way to accomplish emotional storytelling for your product/brand
  2. It’s affordable. So much so that it’s in the definition of Guerrilla Marketing: "unconventional marketing intended to get the maximum result with minimum resources". It’s a clever publicity play when you don’t have big budgets to work with, giving brands a higher earned media value.
  3. It’s disruptive enough to get your consumer’s attention in what is otherwise a cluttered environment
  4. It is guerrilla for a reason and by nature, and not meant to be permission-based. You want to work with a partner that understands the local environment and is strategic when installing media. You don't want to crush a market and receive backlash or draw unwanted attention.
  5. It serves as an excellent method for capturing great content, especially unsolicited and unscripted consumer reactions that are worth sharing.
  6. Yes, it’s measurable! Furthermore, Guerrilla Marketing often delivers thousands of incremental bonus impressions while in market and on the road that you didn’t plan for initially.
  7. Remember that without risk there is no reward!

Check out some examples of our past Guerrilla Marketing programs for some inspiration, and let us know how we can help.


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