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6 Cool Guerrilla Marketing Ideas to Beat the Heat this Summer

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Guerrilla marketing doesn’t wait around for an audience; it goes to the audience. Bringing your message and product to consumers is a highly effective technique. This non-traditional method allows you to stand out from the advertising clutter by leaving a more personal and real impression on people.You’re giving them an experience, not just an image to look past as they flip through a magazine. So take advantage of the time of year when everyone is out enjoying the summer weather, and give them an experience they won’t forget with one (or more!) of these six guerrilla marketing ideas!

  1. Flash Mobs at the Beach

When people think summer, people think beach. Relaxing with the beach breeze or cool waves is the classic way to beat the heat.  Flash Mobs are an exciting way to bring marketing to everyone’s favorite summer hangout. A few years ago, Flip video “flipped” Bondi Beach to grab attention for their new camera. Check out the video by clicking here!

  1. Summer Cool-Down Freebies  

Everyone loves free. Everyone loves staying cool in the summer. Pass out free cold water bottles, ice creams, or fans with your company’s logo and information on the labels. It lets people know about your company while keeping them cool with a treat in the summer heat. And really, who would turn down a free ice cream? We definitely wouldn't. Free iced-coffee? These people didn't.

  1. Side Walk Art

Summer weather means that everyone is out and about. Side walk art, whether it be a more colorful chalk stencil, or a more permanent and eco-friendly power wash stencil, will be noticed by hundreds of people as they’re on their way to museums, movies, parks, concerts, the office, or just on their way home. Check out Burger King's awesome chalk stencils and Courvousier's cool powerwash stencils below.


  1. Sand Installations

Back to the beach? We would love to see more of these crazy sand installations. From imprinted billboards to pyramids to even cars, these sand monoliths are fun and can leave impressions on hundreds of beach-goers.

  1. Mobile Tours

This summer has had some of the best mobile tours. Wendy’s has been bringing the fun this summer to the tri-state area by passing out thousands of samples of the newest additions to their beverage menu. It's the perfect way to spread the word about their new summer drinks while giving people a sweet, free way to cool down.

  1. Pop Up Shops For Summer Favorites

Pop up shops have garnered a lot of attention lately, and we think this Cheeses of France pop up is the perfect summer marketing tool. Open for just two days, people left the summer heat for a cool, air conditioned space to try cheeses. Over 11,000 samples were distributed and it even caught the attention of television host Kelly Ripa!


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