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4 Ways To Execute Street Team Events That Rule

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Street Team Staffing and Execution

street team staffing

Madbum – A Highly Successful Street Marketing Campaign Staffed By ATN Promo

WARNING: The beginning of this article may trigger some disturbing flashbacks for you.

Have you ever been accosted by a mumbling, shuffling cap wearing soul shoving a flyer in your face?

 Do you find yourself dodging someone with a clipboard, shouting at you from a block away as if this very person is the sole possessor of your own personal brand of kryptonite?

Does the mere sight of a group of similarly dressed, overzealous band of brand pushing bullies insight the urge within you to race in the other direction knowing full well you may end up late to whatever appointment you were trying to make?

Does that sign bearer, saying nothing and blocking your path do anything other than get in your way?


I think I have heard stories of people planning their zombie apocalypse survival based on their experiences with street marketers.

But did you know street team marketing, when executed successfully, is a highly effective way to reach your consumers?

Organizing a street team campaign at any size can be an arduous task. For it is within the planning and most importantly, the staffing of such an event that will allow the creation a consumer experience that can be positively memorable that your brand will be branded on brains of people who enjoyed their interaction with your street team. Dare I say a street team that is “cool” and I mean “even-on-a-Segway-cool”?

Street team marketing can be very hit or miss. In fact, an unsuccessful or lackluster street team can damage the reputation of your. Fear not though! For when done properly, a street marketing experience can strike gold with a consumer in a way that other forms of marketing are unable to do.

Street marketing teams can be a tough sell but when it works, it works like a charm. There is great risk in such an event but the rewards can be fantastic.


street team staffing


1-Know your objective:

Are you attempting to raise consumer awareness? Increase social media following? Is this a direct sales program or are you looking for consumer feedback?

Knowing your objective first will dictate every other part of the planning process.

2- Know your approach:

Will there be product demos or giveaways or both? Are you collecting information? Will you be stopping consumers in their tracks via a super smokin’ flash mob? Will you operate guerilla rogue style reach or receive permission?

Settling on the approach specific to your brand will allow for you to get people to be open to receiving your message in a simple, quick way

3-Location selection:

Street team marketing isn’t limited to the city street. Setting up shop near or around locations related to your brand is a binding ingredient to the recipe that is your street team marketing campaign. From trade shows to college campuses, knowing your consumer interest based on proximity will be hitting the people who care about your brand and will be interested in it.

4-Taking it off the street:

The biggest result in all of this is having the consumer carry the message, brand or idea back home. Your street team has the opportunity to provide the consumers with ways to reach and explore your brand further. Through e-tablets, QR codes and the like we are living in an ideal time technology-wise in which the consumer can easily carry an experience with them long after it’s over.

So where does this leave us with street team staffing?

At ATN Promo we know the street marketing game like the back of our very experienced hands. For over 14 years now we have staffed countless events with street team staff because this kind of marketing is kind of the most old school of all experiential marketing tactics around.

Once we are provided with all your campaign idea, from there we work with you on who exactly will be best execute your concepts. Since we are so experienced, have a full time recruiting department and a database full of over 250K (and growing daily) talented people available for street team marketing nationwide – no location is too small or brand ambassador requirements too lengthy for us to send just the right candidates your way.

Additionally, we are announcing some big news when it comes to our street team staffing capabilities!

Through the years we have hoped for technology to catch up with our concepts and my friends, we have finally arrived.

Our dream of being to have full GPS tracking check-in for our super star street staff so we know who is where and when has been fully realized:


ATN has launched a GPS tracking tool for brand ambassadors.

Always on the cutting edge, ATN recently incorporated GPS tracking into its event management system. Now when brand ambassadors are scheduled to work, we have the ability to pinpoint the start and end time of their shifts. This provides another layer of verification for our clients and allows us to be more precise in determining payable hours. Our brand ambassadors appreciate the streamlined process, which makes them happier and more productive workers for you.

We have some other neato street team staffing tricks up our sleeve that will ensure you a most excellent street team event:


We thrive during the busy season and specialize in last-minute and remote activations.

With spring nearly here, it’s time to start thinking about the busy season. Are you prepared to deal with high volume and short production windows? If you’ve worked with ATN before, then you know how well equipped we are to deliver when things heat up. If you haven’t worked with us yet, you should know this: not only can we staff a wide range of individual events, provide street team staffing solutions and manage promotional tours, but clients regularly praise our ability to respond to last-minute requests and find the best staff possible. This applies even with niche activations in remote areas. ATN’s recruiting operations are extensive, nimble, and determined, so you can be certain that we’ll staff your event with amazing brand ambassadors whenever and wherever. Our 250K+ staff database is growing by the day …


All ATN staff are W-2 employees. You’ll thank us later. Or maybe you won’t have to at all.

 Take a guess what percentage of event staffing agencies obey federal employment guidelines. Believe it or not, the answer is 1%. That’s right. 99% of all staffing agencies do not require their employees to file W-2 forms for tax purposes. In the past, this wasn’t much of an issue. However, federal and state regulators have lately begun to crack down on freelancers and the agencies that hire them. Lost revenue is a major concern to various government agencies. Now they’re coming for their money. The honeymoon is over for the event marketing industry.

When individual staff members get audited, so do the agencies employing them. The negative financial and legal implications are obvious. As a client, you may avoid liability if the staff working your events are not W-2 employees, but you won’t avoid hassles or cost overruns. Moreover, you’ll likely find yourself scrambling for a new staffing provider soon because economic forecasters expect many agencies to close shop when they face government pressure.

So why not get ahead of the curve? ATN is one of the few agencies currently offering W-2 staff. In addition, we provide comprehensive insurance (including workers compensation) for our clients, venues, and staff. ATN provides built-in financial and legal safeguards as if we were a division within your company. We do the work. You don’t have to worry.

Hit us up here TODAY to leave the street team staffing zombie nightmares behind and can get rolling on the street marketing campaign of your dreams.


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