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Energy—Electric Gas Petroleum Archives - Event Marketer

August 23, 2016

GE’s BBQ Research Center Simplifies Brand Initiatives

Industrial Internet. Neuroscience. Super Materials. They’re among initiatives GE is undertaking at its Global Research Facilities to improve machinery, health care and products. How do you explain such important but complex topics in a more “digestible” manner to tech influencers and media at SXSW? With Texas BBQ, baby. GE’s BBQ Research Center mixed good eats,...

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May 10, 2016

Honeywell Promotes OneWireless via Cause Marketing

To engage the technology community with its OneWireless system, Honeywell devised the Create Change for One Dollar guerrilla strategy and applied it on the trade-show floor. The objective was to grab the attention of plant managers and engineers to reintroduce the OneWireless solution and then generate buzz about it at the event. The company deployed...

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April 28, 2016

Shell Road Show Boosts Customer Ratings

To invigorate its rate of recommendation from its customers, Shell sent eight certified mechanics out on the road to visit 3,100 oil-change centers in the U.S. At the in-store visits, the mechanics scheduled 45-minute product training sessions during which they handed out premiums like hats, break room posters and badges with product information and key...

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March 23, 2016

GE Revs Discussions Among Thought Leaders

GE’s Minds + Machines conference brought together Fortune 500 executives, thought leaders, academics, journalists and top customers. But the real star of the one-day conference just might have been a 22,000-pound GEnx jet engine. With the engine situated center stage, attendees were invited to explore the industrial venue of San Francisco’s Dogpatch Studios. The space...

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December 28, 2015

Statoil Adds Augmented Reality to its Annual Event

Yes, it’s a top buzzword already.  No, you don’t really understand it. To the uninitiated, the very term “Augmented Reality” may seem a little Star Trekky, but it’s not that far out there. Through AR, developers superimpose computer-generated images over a real-world environment in real time. The first-down line superimposed over the field on football...

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