Mountain Dew Archives - Event Marketer

Mountain Dew Archives - Event Marketer

November 11, 2015

Mountain Dew Sponsorship Celebrates Teen Lifestyle

When Pepsi-Cola North America’s Mountain Dew took title sponsorship of the Dew Action Sports Tour before the property’s 2005 inaugural season, the challenge was to create an environment that would set it apart from the tour’s other sponsors and connect with the ever-so-savvy teen target. “We take into consideration the landscape of what other sponsors...

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October 29, 2015

Pepsi Activates a Diet Dew Snowboard Rail Jam Event

Mountain Dew is known for being an edgy brand, so when Pepsi-Cola was considering live marketing as part of the campaign to relaunch Diet Dew, everyone involved knew it would have to be big. The company settled on a two-pronged approach. One element was a massive, one-day national sampling effort designed to get the entire...

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October 23, 2015

Dew and Doritos Turn Expo into Giant Game Board

Mountain Dew and Doritos gave attendees a new way to look at the typical expo experience by turning the Seattle Convention Center into a game board consumers could explore throughout the weekend with opportunities to win hidden around every corner. The activation brought together elements of mobile, experiential and social marketing all under a gamification-style...

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