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Miller Archives - Event Marketer

May 10, 2016

Miller’s Mobile Lounge Draws Young Beer Drinkers

Capturing the attention of young beer drinkers isn’t easy, especially once their vision blurs a little. But Miller Brewing had them seeing double with two mobile Cuban lounges designed to create more buzz around an already buzz-worthy product—the newly reformulated Miller Chill, a 100-calorie per 12-ounce bottle (sounds good already!) of brew made with a...

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November 23, 2015

Miller’s Concert Series Targets Diehard Fan Influencers

After a successful run with Rellim in 2002, Miller was back at bat, this time with a home-grown property used to infect urban-minded consumers with MGD messages. There are those who enjoy a particular band, and then there are the diehards. The brewer reached for the fanatics with a proprietary concert series of five shows in...

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October 30, 2015

Miller Lite Charters a Private ‘Taste Express’ Train

With their grassroots feel, Miller Lite’s “Save the Taste” ads were ripe for a live event translation. The brand delivered with a proprietary music property unlike any other. Miller chartered a private train, called it the Miller Lite Taste Express, and hired recording artist Gavin DeGraw to get on board and travel across the country....

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