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Hadley Media Archives - Event Marketer

August 26, 2016

FX Promotes New Show with Clown Impersonators

If you don’t find clowns funny, a street team of 30 shaggy-haired clown impersonators running around Greater Los Angeles might change your mind. That’s what FX was betting on when it activated a quirky street stunt to promote the premiere of its show “Baskets,” about Chip Baskets, an aspiring clown who’s down on his luck....

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December 22, 2015

FX Overcomes Challenges to Bring Biker Show to Life

Most brands build mobile tours with consumer engagement top of mind. But for TV networks, especially those promoting a popular series, being engaging isn’t always enough. Their unique challenge is to make sure that the mobile tour’s interior and exterior environments stand up to the show’s set designs. Beware if you plan to cut corners:...

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October 7, 2015

Adult Swim Masters Data Tracking with a Fun House

What looked on the outside like a very silly romp through a fun house was in fact a sophisticated data tracking and social media tracking machine. Welcome to Adult Swim’s quirky Fun House and Meatwad Dome at San Diego Comic-Con. The cable network kept track of attendance using a reservation system with a digital time...

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