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Ammo Marketing Archives - Event Marketer

December 30, 2015

Hornitos Enlists Mexican Americans to Boost Brand

To compete in the premium tequila category against big names like Patrón and Jose Cuervo, Sauza Tequila brand Hornitos took its tangy elixir to the experts: Mexican Americans. The objective was to have these “pros” approve its 100-percent authentic agave flavor in order to boost confidence among mainstream tequila consumers when considering the brand for...

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December 23, 2015

Influencer Moms Help Raise Awareness for EA Game

EA’s research indicated that the best way to launch its new fitness product EA Sports Active was to tap into key influencers in the female, especially mom, category. On a mission to reach 500 American women, EA Sports sent out a call for busy moms with active online social networks. In a matter of weeks,...

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November 20, 2015

Gateway Uses Caricatures to Demystify Tablets

Tablet PCs—those snazzy computers that can capture input through their write-on screens—might seem intimidating to technophobes. To demystify the machines in a pressure-free environment, Gateway set up shop next to a shopping mall Santa during the holiday rush. Targeting high-HHI holiday shoppers at the Beverly Center mall in Los Angeles, the campaign highlighted its Tablet...

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October 29, 2015

Stellar Gin Enlists VIPs for Exclusive Club Parties

When you think Indianapolis, race cars rather than nightlife come to mind, but Stellar Gin found the city hopping with happenings behind the velvet ropes of its upscale club scene. It was the ideal environment for a VIP program of exclusive events and concierge service to promote its new gin. Stellar Concierges served as in-market...

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