Where Are They Now: Chevrolet – Event Marketer

Where Are They Now: Chevrolet – Event Marketer

Where Are They Now: Chevrolet

June/July 2003


Back then: Chevy’s team was finally rested up after the 2002 Olympic Torch Relay the largest marketing initiative in GM’s history. It was a 117-city extravaganza involving 11 000 torchbearers witnessed by 13 million cheering fans across 14 000 miles covered by 43 Chevy Tahoes Suburbans motor homes and then all-new Avalanche. It all added up to a Grand Ex Award for Chevrolet.

Now: Alas those on the cover have all either retired or moved on. But the world still awaits Olympic excitement in Beijing and Phil Caruso national promotions manager at Chevy updates us on what’s been happening in Chevy’s world:

We have focused on total integration with everything we do with all major activities for Chevrolet. Events are integrated into the mix. We’ve become a lot tighter and more focused on our event marketing to do fewer but better and do it deeper integrating all of the medias. We’re focusing on our major platforms—NASCAR Indy 500 Major League Baseball and entertainment properties such as the Grammys New Year’s Eve and Fashion Rocks—to tie into these major events. We’re taking these major platforms and integrating the launch of new products such as our SUV launches a couple of years ago or the Silverado all the way through.

And the biggest challenge you face is…?
From an event standpoint the biggest challenge we have is share of voice. How do we get maximum exposure and interaction with our key products at major events despite the competition whether it is automotive or non-automotive. It is a battle for the space and the battle to do the right thing to get the consumer to interact with you. The other element is how to bring the digital component into the space to get people to interact with you through the online world. Finally how do we continue to engage our dealer group in major activities when resources and funding are limited? Again we have to do less and stay more focused.

What is your biggest achievement since the cover story?
The Olympic Torch Relay helped lay foundational work that’s gone into a lot of what we have done to date. The elements of that platform all played a big part in how we activate now. The biggest achievement since then has been the launch of the American Revolution campaign on New Year’s Eve 2003 which is still running. We had all the integrated elements associated with it including 100 percent dealer participation. Everything we do has morphed from that campaign.


Photo Credit: unsplash.com/@karlavidal

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