Webinar: Event Permits

Webinar: The Changing Realm of Event Permits

Event Experts Webinar Series: The Changing Realm of Event Permits


The realm of event permits is changing in real time as rules and regulations evolve. Getting a permit approved is often a “make or break” situation for live events.

Absolutely critical and incredibly under-discussed—it’s safe to say that 10 years ago it was much easier to get city approval for an event. Not so much anymore.

In a world of more events in more cities produced by more brands and agencies, more safety precautions—multiplied by bigger bolder event ideas—there are more processes involved in getting approval for events than ever and we are excited to have one of the industry’s most recognized event permit “master blasters” with us.

In this webinar you’ll get a 2020 Permit Update that includes:

  • Hear the top trends in permitting
  • Get an update on the most critical parts of getting event permits approved
  • Hear honest insights on what makes or breaks an event permit application
  • Tips and advice you can use right now.
  • …and more!
  • Presenter:


    Amir Shayegan Amir Shayegan VP of Permitting & Logistics IDEKO
    • Previously the Deputy Dir. of SAPO
    • Extensive background in large scale events
    • Event Director with the NY Mets
    • Has an elaborate Nike shoe collection (Do not dirty up his sneakers)
    • Avid Philly Eagles fan
    • Cheesesteak connoisseur

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