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Nissan Transforms Smartphones into Content Machines

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Year: 2014

If Nissan’s tagline is “Innovation that Excites,” its Digital Landscape at the North American International Auto Show, should be called “Technology that Excites.” The company’s goal for the show was to reset consumer expectations of the brand and its products in a rich experience that was sensory driven and fun, all while attracting, engaging and educating potential customers. The Digital Landscape incorporated NFC systems with RFID technology paired to smartphones. As a result, attendees used their own devices to interact with the content on their own terms. And with pervasive lead capture and CMS integration, Nissan could drive more targeted interactions with customers on the show floor and at the dealership.

The Digital Landscape came to life through three main zones. The interactive product information zone, which showcased six Nissan vehicles within the booth, delivered information about each vehicle that was chaptered into easily digestible sections that attendees could chose from their smartphone displays. A GT-R racing game, which attendees could play on any internet-enabled device, had users racing a Nissan GT-R around a racetrack on a large screen. If logged into Facebook, their score automatically posted to their page. The Nissan Innovation Wall was a six-screen content-rich interactive wall that ran the length of the booth where attendees could explore Nissan’s heritage and legacy in innovation.

Data capture technology tracked all attendees’ engagement experiences and provided Nissan with detailed information on their content and product preferences and produced a heat map of the booth showing what areas were most and least popular and dwell time spent in each zone. By using the earbuds offered as part of the registration, users could engage in rich 3D sound to accompany their exploration through the digital landscape. From there, custom NFC-enabled zones throughout the booth triggered educational content. A mobile HTML5 platform enabled built-in, app-free technology such as streaming video, images and audio. GPS location services, Gyroscope, live interaction and tracking could be accessed directly via RFID triggers.

All this worked together to enhance the customer journey by providing frictionless connections to content. It gave product specialists access to customers’ preference profiles, so they could navigate them to the appropriate information. It offered a seamless, rich media experience that brought the features of the vehicles to life with expert opinions and perspectives and deep dives into content. It also facilitated an ongoing conversation with visitors.

More than 2,000 attendees went through the experience, clocking an impressive average of 18 minutes of exclusive engagement time. The GT-R game was the most popular zone, engaging attendees of all ages. And the experience achieved a 98 percent approval rating.

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