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OgilvyAction Archives - Event Marketer

December 28, 2015

SC Johnson Taps into Women’s Fashion Sense

What better way to appeal to today’s image-conscious fashionista than by appealing to her sense of style—and smell. Like a high-end boutique, The Fragrance Gallery by Glade entertained and engaged this fashion-savvy woman in an elegant, sophisticated and simple way that encouraged her to interact with the fragrances. She got to hold them, smell them...

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November 18, 2015

Maxwell House Outfits Toll Booth Workers with Coffee

Maxwell House had to come up with a way to cater to consumers’ evolving caffeine palettes while maintaining its simple cup o’ joe appeal. So it created a new blend of 100 percent Arabica beans. All it had to do now was get it in consumers’ hands. The answer: Maxwell House launched the Brew Some...

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November 2, 2015

Perrier Plays on Words, Makes Nights More ‘IER’

Perrier was in need of a serious brand makeover. Sales had been declining for years and the name just wasn’t on the radar for 20- to 30-year-old consumers. And so the IER campaign was born. Perrier played on the “IER” at the end of its name, turning a sexy night into sexIER, a funny joke...

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October 30, 2015

Motorola’s StudioMoto Bus Offers Demos, Music

Seeking to inform tech-savvy young adults about its wide array of music-capable phones and accessories, Motorola uncorked a program that—like the phones themselves—put music on the go. Motorola’s StudioMoto was a double-decker, 30-foot mobile experience that showcased the brand at events—primarily lifestyle focused but also retail and employee events. Three main areas gave consumers the...

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October 29, 2015

Motorola Concerts Light Up the House of Blues

Motorola rocked the House of Blues with a concert series tailor-made for the distinctive target audiences of its RAZR, PEBL and SLVR handsets. The integrated program of online, on-air and on-site executions tuned into the tastes of each group with artists, radio campaigns, pre-show promos and music hall elements for a unique visual and audio...

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