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See how AR Holograms are fascinating fans in Oklahoma City.
From Radio City Rockettes to NBA All Stars, consumers love interacting with AR holograms via Radiant’s Virtuacast platform. Take a look at the fun being had by fascinated fans at OKC Thunder games. Posted by: Radiant Event Technology

Match-Making and Real Time Attendance Tracking with Poken
Poken is best known for boosting networking & lead generation, but Poken's Green Event tool-chest has now expanded to include such key, results-driven features as match-making and attendance tracking. Check out how, everything from one-on-one meetings to supplier presentations and conferences, as well as plenary sessions can all be managed in real time, so participants can be more effective with their time and lead management processes. Posted by: Poken

Experience Footprint Envy with Craftsmen Industries
Craftsmen is an award-winning partner in design, engineering, and fabrication for experiential and specialty vehicles. Our 32 years of experience has allowed partnerships with the best brands and clients nationwide. Posted by: Craftsmen Industries

Presentation solution For your conference or classroom
Lintelus browser-based solution Enhances how presentations are experienced, With interactive features including Slide sharing, digital note taking, Live polling and social interaction. Posted by: Lintelus Meeting
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