SPARKS - Event Marketer


The total reimagination of Dell World. The evolution of HP Discover. And yes, the always-incredible Google I/O and always-gigantic Dreamforce. Tech events, developer conferences, internal meetings, proprietary events, trade show activations—the list is getting long, the work is getting awesome and the shop has become an official global player. Too many agencies say they can do it all. This one actually does it all—strategy, design, build, production, execution and measurement.

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Core 1: Developer Conferences/Events
Core 2: B-to-B Meetings/Events
Core 3: Trade Show Programs

Focus Split: 30% B-to-C, 70% B-to-B
Clients Include: Anheuser-Busch, Google, HP, LEGO, SAP
RFP Contact: Kristy Elisano,

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