PROSCENIUM - Event Marketer


In just five years (happy anniversary, Chucky), the employee-owned shop has landed some of the industry’s biggest b-to-b clients, proving the lean and mean crew of 20 is a force to be reckoned with. Was named last year as Walmart’s first-ever AOR for events. Added three new clients, Lowe’s, JetBlue and Heineken, to the roster. And will venture into b-to-c events with Credit Karma this spring. Broadway-caliber sets, production and presentation strategies are the calling card of this small but mighty agency.

Core 1: B-to-B Meetings/Events
Core 2: Internal Employee Events
Core 3: Sales conferences/Meetings

Focus Split: 20% B-to-C, 80% B-to-B
Clients Include: Harley-Davidson, Heineken, JetBlue, Lowe’s, T-Mobile
RFP Contact: Mark Shearon,

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