PGW EXPERIENCE - Event Marketer


With nearly unrivaled access to the world’s trendiest sports and entertainment franchises, and a creative team that understands the marketing value of pop culture like nobody’s business, PGW continues its run as the experiential shop whose work is so cool… it’s red hot. Like the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge release event for AT&T that had top YouTubers live streaming from red carpet events (and contributing to more than 1,000 percent in ROI). Recently acquired London-based Brandrapport.

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Core 1: Guerrilla/Street Marketing
Core 2: Sponsorship Activation
Core 3: Mobile Tours

Focus Split: 80% B-to-C, 20% B-to-B
Clients Include: AT&T, HBO, JP Morgan Chase, NFLPA, Under Armour
RFP Contact: Russ Jones,

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