NEXT MARKETING - Event Marketer


This 23-year veteran of the industry is balancing an impressive portfolio of long-time clients with fresh faces, like A-B’s Bud Light Apple, which Next recently introduced to three markets. Has been the steady logistics and ops support for the bar-raising Air Force recruitment tours four years running. And its CDW Technoliner Tour keeps proving what amazing things can happen when b-to-b goes on the road. Credits its performance-based culture for “bridging the gap between strategic goals and… tactical realities.”

Core 1: Mobile Tours
Core 2: Sampling
Core 3: Sponsorship Activation

Focus Split: 60% B-to-C, 40% B-to-B
Clients Include: Anheuser-Busch, CDW, Community Coffee, Continental Tire, GSD&M (U.S. Air Force), Principal Financial Group
RFP Contact: Henry Rischitelli,

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