NEWBRIDGE LIVE - Event Marketer


With a massive network of 2,500 campus venues ranging from bookstores to student centers, this agency has the reach and the demographic know-how to turn-key campus and millennial programs. Maintains a database of 4,000 trained staffers, has partnerships with intramural leagues at 900 schools and owns a fully permitted food truck that’s, literally, ready to roll. Check out the work for L.L. Bean for a taste of the expertise across retail, digital, campus and guerrilla marketing.

Core 1: College/Campus Campaigns
Core 2: Mobile Tours
Core 3: Sampling

Focus Split: 90% B-to-C, 10% B-to-B
Clients Include: Calbeena (Harvest Snaps), Dorm Room Movers, GenZe by Mahindra, L.L. Bean, Thomas J Paul, Inc. for MARS Goodness Knows
RFP Contact: TJ Nolan,

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