MIRRORBALL - Event Marketer


This Most Interesting Agency for 10 years handled Dos Equis’ Most Interesting Man in the World events, the most recent at an abandoned Wall Street bank vault, and this year created a four-night, two-market Jack Daniel’s Motel No. 7 pop-up that broke records for user-generated content, p.r. and social sharing. New offerings include its proprietary Pixidio digital media engagement platform and an expanded costume design and fabrication department for dressing all those most interesting characters.

Core 1: P.R. Events
Core 2: Sponsorship Activation
Core 3: Launch Events

Focus Split: 95% B-to-C, 5% B-to-B
Clients Include: Brown-Forman, Harley-Davidson, Heineken, Mount Sinai Hospitals, Nestlé Waters
Web: mirrorball.com
RFP Contact: Georgia Mackay, gmackay@mirrorball.com

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