MARKETING WERKS - Event Marketer


Family ties with parent CROSSMARK and sister Promoworks provide access to consumer data, analytics and nationwide connectivity to retailers and shoppers, and helps reel in new clients such as U.S. Cellular and MedAvail. Programmatic Experiential, a new service that combines geofencing, tactical messaging and high-end analytics also helps, for sure. Results are impressive: 18,000 player registrations for the Copa Univision soccer tournament and millions of impressions for U.S. Cellular Future of Good.

Core 1: Sponsorship Activation
Core 2: Mobile Tours
Core 3: Guerrilla/Street Marketing

Focus Split: 100% B-to-C
Clients Include: INDYCAR, LMO Advertising (The Air National Guard), MedAvail Technologies, U.S. Cellular, Univision Communications, Verizon
RFP Contact: Holly Meloy,

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