MANIFESTO - Event Marketer


With offices in Portland and Milwaukee, Manifesto offers the perfect balance of coffee and beer, but what really sets it apart is purpose-based storytelling, strategy and activation. Take a look at the InsideOut Experience for Intel, a year-long series of employee engagement activations highlighting unsung heroes that engaged 102,000 employees in 15 countries. Or its pop-up-style curated dinners with local partners focused on storytelling for entrepreneurs and influencers. The goal: creative “cross-pollination” across verticals and industries. Nice.

Core 1: Worldwide Event Programs
Core 2: Internal Employee Events
Core 3: Launch Events

Focus Split: 25% B-to-C, 75% B-to-B
Clients Include: Amazon, Arby’s Foundation, Chevron, GE Healthcare, Intel
RFP Contact: David Dyer,

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