MAC PRESENTS - Event Marketer


Being situated at the intersection of music, fashion and culinary, where pop culture movements are sparked, has proven advantageous for MAC, where bigger programs and bigger deals are hitting high notes. It handled 26 programs last year for Citi alone, and has also partnered clients like Citi and Southwest Airlines with artists like The Who, Andra Day and Imagine Dragons. Deep roots in music and an alliance with Nielsen Entertainment helps align brands with the right bands.

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Core 1: Sponsorship Activation
Core 2: B-to-B Meetings/Events
Core 3: Buzz/Influencer Programs

Focus Split: 75% B-to-C, 25% B-to-B
Clients Include: AT&T, Citibank, MillerCoors, Microsoft, Nielsen Entertainment, Southwest Airlines
RFP Contact: Marcie Allen,

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