INVNT - Event Marketer


Made a lotta noise last July when it was purchased by media giant Time Inc., but remains a fan fave among clients. It’s “Challenge Everything” mantra might have something to do with it. Founder Scott Cullather still holds the reins under Mark Ford, Time Inc.’s executive veep of global advertising. A smart move in terms of growth strategy, next steps include expanding its geographic footprint and core services to add value to existing clients and develop event properties for some of the biggest brands in publishing.

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Core 1: B-to-B Meetings/Events
Core 2: P.R. Events
Core 3: Worldwide Event Programs

Focus Split: 20% B-to-C, 80% B-to-B
Clients Include: AstraZeneca, ESPN, Fuse Media, KPMG, Oracle, People
RFP Contact: Matt Schrader,

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