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The global field marketing agency continues to push deeper into the shopper marketing side of the experiential business, connecting out-of-store engagements with in-store transactions. Continues to make investments in people and technology. Case in point: The Devil’s Cut program for Beam Suntory that let consumers in bars take a “ride on the sinister side” that started with a VR roller coaster ride and ended with a sample of a new Jim Beam Devil’s Cut extension product.

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Core 1: In-Store/Shopper Events
Core 2: Nightlife/On-Premise Events
Core 3: Buzz/Influencer Programs

Focus Split: 92% B-to-C, 8% B-to-B
Clients Include: American Express, Beam, E&J Gallo, Kimberly-Clark, Shell
RFP Contact: Debbie Kaplan,

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