FLUENT - Event Marketer


Specializing in “translating brands for the college world,” Fluent is a go-to for brands aiming to reach millennial and Gen Z demos both on and off campus. A partnership with the National Association for Campus Activities provides clients access to a network of more than 1,000 schools. Fired up finals week at Ohio State with client Coffee-Mate via social media deliveries and a 20-foot coffee mug beverage station. Results included over two million social impressions—and, presumably, some solid grade point averages.

Core 1: College/Campus Campaigns
Core 2: Mobile Tours
Core 3: Guerrilla/Street Marketing

Focus Split: 100% B-to-C
Clients Include: Keurig, Microsoft, Nestlé, Staples, Zipcar   
Web: fluentgrp.com
RFP Contact: Darren Ross, dross@fluentgrp.com

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