FIRST - Event Marketer


Formerly First Protocol, this 20-year industry veteran with a global footprint plays in the b-to-b big leagues, supporting seven out of 10 of both the largest private equity funds and largest global investment banks. Standout offerings include tailored event team solutions, custom consulting services and a wealth of proprietary data and analytics. A launch event for Mercedes-Benz included a specially choreographed performance by two aerialists who interacted with a video projection cast onto a custom-made wall. Acquired fellow It Lister Barkley Kalpak Agency in May 2016.

Core 1: B-to-B Meetings/Events
Core 2: Sales Conferences/Meetings
Core 3: Internal Employee Events

Focus Split: 5% B-to-C, 95% B-to-B
Clients Include: AstraZeneca, Fresenius Medical Care, Jackson Hewitt, Mercedes-Benz, SEAL – NSW Family Foundation
RFP Contact: Jared Elish,


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