DIVISION BLACK - Event Marketer


Street marketing plus social buzz times outdoor media equals the latest sorta-under-the-radar-yet-a-lotta-folks-are-talking-about-them agency from Portland, OR. Co-managed by ex-Omelet stud Mark Anderson and born out of mega out-of-home network Billups, the company mixes brand experiences with bold outdoor spaces—the best recent example being the People-Powered Billboard starring 63 employees from client Red Hat flipping eye-catching placards.

Core 1: Buzz/Influencer Programs
Core 2: Guerrilla/Street Marketing
Core 3: P.R. Events

Focus Split: 90% B-to-C, 10% B-to-B
Clients Include: Ames Sculin O’Haire Advertising, Baldwin&, Jordan Brand, MasterChef Jr., Omelet
Web: divisionblack.com
RFP Contact: Mark Anderson, mark.anderson@divisionblack.com

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