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On the Road with Carl’s Jr.

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Carl’s Jr. 75th Anniversary Tour

On the Road With an Iconic American Brand

In the summer of 2016, Carl’s Jr. celebrated their 75th anniversary by taking their burgers and vintage vehicles on the road to some of the nation’s biggest festivals and historic landmarks along the West Coast. Through the years, Carl’s Jr. has witnessed the progression and evolution of America and as our nation modernized and prospered, so did Carl Kercher’s humble family restaurant.

Across 18 cities, visiting 23 locations – including LA Film Fest, the Reagan Library and Jimmy Kimmel Live – in just over 5 weeks, ITC helped Carl’s Jr. create a mobile time portal that connected fans in the present, to Carl’s Jr. past. Stepping into the pop-up footprint, consumers were transported in time. Alongside classically restored vehicles like the 1975 Corvette and Carl Kercher’s legendary 1941 Plymouth, attendees were able to watch the transformation of Carl Kercher’s simple family restaurant into an American icon and marketing giant over the chain’s illustrious 75 years.

Over the 2 months, ITC helped Carl’s Jr. create a memorable road tour, handing out 20,650 coupons, 3,700 hats and 4,465 shirts to brand fans along the West Coast. Closing out the tour at the 75th Anniversary Gala, Carl’s Jr. executives and family recounted stories from the past and looked forward to the exciting future of the iconic franchise.

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