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Balancing Tech With Tactile Experiences

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Balancing Tech with Tactile

Monsanto employed a balance of digital and tactile touchpoints to foster deeper, personal connections with farmers and ag businesses.

With over 260,000 people in attendance and over 300 acres of exhibition space, Farm Progress is the largest outdoor Agricultural Expo in the world. Every year Monsanto showcases their cutting-edge products to farmers and businesses alike across their massive, 74,720 sq. ft. footprint.

For a company as large and advanced as Monsanto, they still put great emphasis on personal touch. By employing a balance of digital and tactile experiences, Monsanto delivered intimate, personal engagement with attendees.

Plot Experience
An acre plot with growing crops was balanced with a VR experience that dropped attendees in a virtual plot and demoed soil fertility solutions.

Channel Tent
Touchscreen displays showcasing diseased plants were accompanied by a real crop garden planted using disease shield technology. Brand Reps invited attendees to stand by truck bed lounges for deeper conversations.

For Monsanto, applying the human touch accompanied by advanced innovation helped support genuine connections between brand and buyer.

Learn more about how Monsanto applied the human touch to advanced technology by reading the Case Study.


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