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Momentum Worldwide

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Feel the heat: It is quite
simply the it agency. The shop every other agency wants to be the
place everyone wants to work with the most outrageous list of clients
winner of every award in the book—and it’s still just getting started.
Bonus points for proving that the holding-company setup really can work. 

The skinny: You can’t put
your finger on it but there’s just something about a Momentum event.
There’s usually a big idea with a grassroots hook; top-notch production
married with bull’s-eye strategy. And no matter how big the event
stage the overall concept is almost always deceptively simple.

In February Big Mo helped launch Verizon Wireless’ V Cast mobile
music offering by shutting down the streets near Hollywood and Vine for
a concert by the Fugees. Consumers who had downloaded hip-hop music or
ring tones for their phones in the previous 30 days received text
messages offering passes; when they opted in the company beamed a
bar-code “ticket” to their handsets. The event was sold out within an
hour and the brand was the hero. “It was a big idea with lots of
complex issues but at the end of the day it was true to our brand and
the customer experience was very very simple ” says John Harrobin
vp-marketing and digital media at Verizon Wireless.

An unbeatable client roster other agency execs would sell their
mothers for—A-B Coke American Express GM and Microsoft included—is
helping fuel Momentum’s annual double-digit growth across the global
network of 50-plus offices. Next on the to-do list is an event
measurement tool that’s being developed in house which the agency will
position as the industry standard.

But key to the Momentum approach is how brands activate before
during and after events. And central to the formula is not allowing a
client to muddy or distort a dead-on live experience. “We don’t want to
change the dynamic of the event ” says Kevin McNulty Momentum’s cmo.
“It’s critical that we don’t lose sight of why consumers are there.”

Core 1: Sponsorship activation/execution
Core 2: Mobile Marketing
Core 3: Music/concert programs

Revenue Split: 90% B-to-C 10% B-to-B
Customer Split: 95% Brands 5% Agencies
Clients Include: American Express Coca-Cola Intel Microsoft Verizon Wireless

Opened: 1984
Based: New York City
Staff: 1 900
Phone: 212-367-4500
RFP Contact: Peter Office 312-278-6292 <a href="javascript:linkTo_UnCryptMailto('

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